How to Remove Skin Tag with Ice

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How to get rid of the skin tag with the help of dry ice ?

Dry ice is a solid carbon dioxide and it is most commonly used as a cooling agent. In medical terms, it is used in cryotherapy where extreme cold is needed for treatment or surgery. People who tend to get their skin tags removed by surgery through cryotherapy are treated with dry ice by the doctors. Skin tags are frozen and this is how they are removed from the skin.

How to use dry ice for skin tag removal?

Before going into the process you need to know that you must not perform this at home on your own. Rather you need a doctor for it as dry ice could be dangerous to handle on your own. Therefore, get an appointment for it. Once you are done with that, the following procedure will be performed to get rid of the skin tag

  • Dry ice is put on the skin tag and held against it
  • Placing ice against the skin tag does two main things. Firstly, it kills the skin cells present on the skin tag
  • Secondly, when the cells are dead, further growth of skin tag is blocked and it is halted to the area already occupied by it
  • In some cases, another sitting and application of dry ice is needed for the complete fall off of the skin tag

How to take care of your skin after removing it with dry ice ?

Normally, bleeding is not associated with the removal of the skin tag with dry ice. However, if it does happen, the spot should be covered with a bandage. In addition to this, your doctor should give you a couple of lotions or creams that you must apply on it.


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