How to Remove Skin Tag with Nail Clipper

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Cutting skin tag at home:

There can be several reasons why somebody wants to cut skin tags at home. It could be to save money being spent on expensive products that wear off skin tags or it could simply be an inconvenience of any kind. However, removing skin tags at home could be a bit tricky as one of the most commonly used methods is to remove a skin tag with a nail clipper.

How to cut skin tags with a nail cutter?

You cannot just pick up a nail clipper and use it to remove skin tags. Skin is very sensitive and therefore a proper method has to be followed so that it does not catch germs from nail clippers. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Before you use a nail clipper on your skin, make sure you have cleaned your skin with alcohol.
  • Also, wash off the nail cutter with alcohol so that it is disinfected and no germs are present on it.
  • Along with this, make sure you have a bandage and cotton near you so you can use these things immediately after cutting skin tags.
  • Put the nail cutter around the skin tag and cut it down immediately.
  • Put pressure with the help of cotton over the cut to stop bleeding.
  • Put the bandage for some time and remove it afterward.

Risks involved in cutting skin tag with Fingernail cutter:

Before you go for it make sure you are aware of the risks involved so that you are mentally prepared to cope with the downsides of it.

  • You are going to experience a lot of pain
  • Sometimes the bleeding does not stop easily
  • The skin could also catch some infection
  • The cut may turn into a scar.

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