How to Remove Skin Tag with Baking Soda

Is baking soda effective for removing skin tags ?

It is a natural ingredient devoid of artificial additives. Even when it does not provide desired results, it is far away from damaging your skin. However, in the case of skin tags, baking soda is more than effective. It clears dead skin tissues from the skin so the new ones grow in the place. It allows the skin a room for increased elasticity and narrows down the blood supply to the skin tag so it wears off on its own.


How to use baking soda for removing skin tags?

Baking soda can either be used alone or with various combinations with other natural ingredients for removing a skin tag. You can use it as you like.

Baking soda and castor oil :

Castor oil has an amazing ability to dry from within so it does the same to the skin tag. Dries it from within and the skin tag wears off without any pain and scar.

  • Take one tablespoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of castor oil
  • Mix them together to make a paste
  • Put this paste on the skin tag and cover it with a bandage
  • Leave it overnight
  • Get a lukewarm water
  • Wash off the paste from the skin tag with lukewarm water in the morning
  • Repeat the process on a regular basis until the skin tag falls off naturally

Baking soda and toothpaste :

Toothpaste is often used for skin issues. It actually provides effective results. 

  • Take one tablespoon baking soda, one tablespoon toothpaste, and half a tablespoon of water
  • Mix all the ingredients to form a paste
  • Apply it on the skin tag and leave it for 2 hours
  • Wash it with water
  • Repeat this process every day until the skin tag leaves the skin itself


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