How to Remove Skin Tag with Vitamin E Oil

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Vitamins are a natural way of treating and taking care of skin unlike artificial products that ruin skin and add to the skin issues. When we consider vitamins, Vitamin E comes in handy more than the other ones. It does not only treat blemishes, scars and skin moles but it equally effective when it comes to the treatment of skin tags. Let us explore vitamin E and skin tags in detail. 

How to remove a skin tag at home with vitamin E oil

It has been years that vitamin E is used to treat skin problems and skin tags are one of them. So far vitamin E has never been disappointed with its result related to skin issues. Other than that it also provides a fresh look to the skin. Vitamin E comes in the form of liquid. Therefore, what we get to apply on the skin is vitamin E oil. Let us see how vitamin E oil helps in treating skin tags.

Steps to apply Vitamin E on the skin tag :

If you have skin tags and you are looking forward to using vitamin E oil for them, these are the steps you need to follow. 

  • Try to get it in original form. If you do not get it, then buy a vitamin E capsule
  • Clean the skin around the skin tag 
  • Apply vitamin E oil on the skin tag
  • Place a bandage over the area where vitamin E oil is applied to keep it placed on the skin tag for effective results.
  • Remove the bandage the next day and apply few drops of vitamin E oil again followed by a wrap on it.
  • Repeat this process for few days until you get rid of all the skin tags


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