How to Remove Skin Tag with Rubber Band

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Removing skin tags with a rubber band or a tag band is not a very common method of getting rid of the skin tags. However, it is getting popularity owing to its simplicity and effectiveness. In this method, an elastic band is wrapped around the skin tag and the rest of the work is performed by the skin tag itself.

How do the rubber bands work on the skin tags ?

Rubber bands have their own mechanism of working. When they are placed around the skin tag through the device known as tag band, they start working by constricting the area around the skin tag. They block the blood supply to the skin tags. As a result, the skin tag turns black and wears off in no time.

How to use the tag band to get rid of the skin tag ?

It comes with four different things namely tag band cone, tag band remover, tag band, and cleansing swabs. You should know how to fit these parts together. Once done, the following steps are needed to be followed.

  •  Firstly, you need to clean the area. Take the cleansing swabs and clean the skin tag and the area around it.
  •  Now fix the band and the cone by placing the band on the cone and moving it down to the broader end of the cone
  • Slide the tag band remover on it and ensure that it is in direct contact with the band.
  • By using tag band remover, push the tag band closer to its edge
  • Put the tag cone over the skin tag and push the band remover in such a way that it slips down to the skin tag and encircles it
  • This rubber band will be fastened around the skin tag and will start working immediately.

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