Tag Away Review – Homeopathic Skin Tag Remover

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What is Tag Away?

Tag away is a skin tag remover, designed to eradicate those bothersome skin tags that so often appear on your neck and back, working in minutes, using the latest homeopathic topical remedy from all natural plant extracts. Designed to make skin tags dry out and fall away.

Tag Away Ingredients:

Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja Occidentalis is derived from pure essential oils, and is officially monographed by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the U.S, and with just a few drops a day, this tag away remover oil will leave no scaring unlike previous dangerous oils and will dry up tags sometimes permanently in minutes.

This is not to say, tags won’t reappear elsewhere but this will depend on the lifestyle you lead, most importantly whether you exercise regularly to keep your skin’s pores from clogging up and the diet you’re on which again effects the health of your skin, as certain foods allow your skin cell tissue to remain healthy and defensive against the free radicals such as the pollutants in car fumes and cigarette smoke.

Does Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Work?

In short – yes, they’re all natural active ingredients and work in just a few minutes by drying out these skin peduncles and leaving no scar like pharmaceutical products often once did as they contained toxins which would damage the skin after repeated use.

In fact as far back as the 19 Century, Thuja oil has been used to treat ringworm, thrush and warts.

Now however the extraction process of Thuja oil is so much more effective that larger doses can now be administered in a drop, causing skin tags to literally reduce in size and slowly eliminate.

For larger, much older and untreated skin tags which have really started to droop, surgery may be required if you’re concerned of their appearance, but for smaller peduncles, which are most common, around the eye, on the neck, your back and under your arm and armpit, skin tag oils are becoming the most popular form of home treatment.

Of these, the product Skin Tag Away Remover is argued to be not just the most effective, but also the most cost effective and safest. So the answer to he question does tag away skin remover work is yes!

How to Apply Tag Away Skin Remover

Working on all skin types even in the most sensitive areas such as your armpit where skin tags are quite common, you simply use an ear stick and dab a little oil on the end and then apply it over the skin tag.


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