How to Remove Skin Tag with Vicks VapoRub

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Is Vicks vapor rub effective for the removal of the skin tags?

Indeed it is highly effective when it comes to the removal of the skin tags. The reason is that Vicks vapor rub has the ability to penetrate into the skin in an exceptionally good manner. And with the continuous application of Vicks vapor rub on the skin tag, it completely removes it in a short span of time.

From where does Vicks vapor rub gets effectiveness against the skin tags?

One of the most important reasons behind the effectiveness of Vicks vapor rub against the skin tags is the fact that all the ingredients of Vicks vapor rub are such that they possess analgesic characteristics. Analgesic ingredients help in several ways when it comes to the skin tags. They do not only provide relief to the pain but also leave a soothing effect. In addition to this, the oil present in Vicks vapor rub like menthol seeps deep down in the skin and removes it in few weeks.

How to apply Vicks vapor rub on the skin tag?

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to get rid of the skin tags by using Vicks vapor rub

  • Clean the area around the skin tag with the water
  • Take just the right amount of Vicks vapor rub on your finger and apply it to the skin tag with slow dabs cover all the area of the skin tag
  • Keep dabbing it with gentle strokes so that it penetrates the skin tag
  • In a short amount of time, you will feel the cooling sensation. It ensures that the Vicks vapor rub has started working
  • Keep repeating this process for several days until the skin tag wears off on its own

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